Saturday, September 5, 2020

 Hello Again . . . 2

As I said in my previous post, I've been gone a long time. I never meant to be, it just got busy the last few years. Thankfully, I never gave up my blog. After several years of faithfully posting a new work each week, I really had quite a portfolio of works.  

So even though I have continued to 'make art' (but not posting) I have images of each piece by month/year it was created.  As frequently as I will be posting a 'month's worth of work in each post.  

I'll do this until I'm caught up.

Thanks for following along.

These works are from: August, 2015.                                        This is catch Up Post #2

"Silver Dreams of Children"

Wooden framed mirror for a child's room, embellished with metal and plastic toys, 
that are firmly attached and sprayed with silver paint.

"Dear Nancy"

This was a commissioned piece for a client.  
Scrabble tiles on a small wooden board, with Daffy Duck making the point.

"Eternity is a Long Time"

Cigar boxes, within each box is a vignette and a story. 
Images are back and front.  

"Achey Breaky"

Wooden heart, found at the flea market,  and rusty nails found on my daily walks around my neighborhood, a glass rod, and metal chains.

Thanks for stopping by.  I've got lots more to show you, do come back soon.

Feel free to leave a comment, as we go.


Friday, September 4, 2020

Works from July 2017

Hello Everyone (who's still here) I am so sorry I have been missing in action for a few years.  I've missed all of you, and I've missed posting what I've been working on.

I'm still making art, I just haven't found the time to post consistently like before.  It all just became overwhelming, all in once.

But I'm back, and I will attempt to post images of work I've done over the past few years, by month.  This is my first post to get back in the swing of things.  Hope you follow along.

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"Through The Looking Glass" wooden frame painted silver, convex mirror embellished with silver metal findings

"The Meaning of Life +2" Dominoes inside a wooden framed mirror 

"Sereno"  Wooden horse riding a skateboard, is embellished with bling, a block and a ball.

"Cruise Ship Sushi" detail

"Cruise Ship Sushi:  wooden fish attempting to snack on a small cruise ship, inside a cigar box.

"Black and White"  dice in a frame, visible from both sides

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Waiting For a Kiss

"Waiting for a Kiss"
So, I got this unfinished bowl, from a wood turner friend of mine. Apparently the bowl was a 'reject' from her shop, as it had a small crack on one side.

The bowl sat in my studio for months . . . then one day, I started drilling holes into it and adding rusty nails and screws and paint and bits and bling and images, and this is what happened. . . .
Because the bowl was uneven on the bottom, I had to figure out how to stabilize it. I fitted a vintage 'baby moon' hubcap to the bottom and magic happened.
This added movement to the piece.
The frog on top, well that's the Prince who is "Waiting for A Kiss"

It waddles.   It's lovely. . . .what do you think? ~SOLD~

The photos below, give you an idea of how it began.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Silver Wood Duck


 "Silver Wood Duck"
In nature, the silver wood duck is a color mutated variant of wood duck. Like wood ducks they are extremely hardy, easy to care for.

In this mixed media assemblage: a wooden duck form, has been embellished with silvery bits and bling to create an elegant representation of a Silver Wood Duck . . 

Silver Wood Duck male.


An American Quilt

"An American Quilt"
for this piece I found 2 10"x10" wooden frames. In between the 2 pieces of glass you will find 165 dice and other dice-like game pieces. The dice are free-standing, adding an interactive quality and movement to the assemblage.
 Includes a wooden stand, for table top/shelf display.

This piece reminds me of a quilt my mother made for me many years ago, which I still have.

Here is a photo of the original quilt . . . .

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

She's Not The Girl I Used To Know

 "She's Not The Girl I used To Know"
This is an experimental piece, recently juried into the Sebastopol Center for The Arts show titled "Marvelous", an international show of Assemblage and Collage.  Over 600 entries from all over the world.  97 pieces were selected, and I must say, I am honored to be in such good company.

About the piece:  She started out as a wooden fruit bowl found at a garage sale.  Immediately I saw a  heart in the shape of the bowl ~ and that was the direction I had planned to go. . . .

When I started working on this piece ~ I used text and images from a Greek art book I found a few years before.  My idea was to embellish the piece as a heart, but soon "It (the piece) seemed to be telling "me" to go in a different direction.  It became a face, instead of a heart. . . .funny how that happens.

In 2015, my husband and I spent a month in Spain, visiting several cities. As is my custom, I will often see things laying on the ground, and if they look interesting to me, I pick them up, thinking they will some day be part of an art piece: pebbles, bottle caps, keys, coins, and the like.
For some reason, that summer in Spain, I was attracted to rusty nails, screws, washers, wire and other bits of rusty metals.

I don't often work with 'rusty-things, but these just seemed to work well with this bowl.

I finished the back with a very thin piece of wood, more text from the found book, and wired it for hanging.

What do you think? I think she's quite lovely . . .
Thanks for stopping by.   See you soon.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Old Growth, New Growth

"Old Growth, New Growth"
Vintage and newer wooden kitchen utensils, arranged on an oak barrel stave.

Would be great for a home kitchen or restaurant decor.
This is a wall hung piece.

Sunday, September 4, 2016


Over the last year, I have been 'playing' with several different found objects to create my assemblage work. I have a rather large collection of game pieces and rulers, dice, dominoes, jacks and other small plastic toys and I wanted to incorporate them into my art. 

When people see these assemblages, with these bits of game memorabilia randomly attached onto wooden game boards, they will often comment of the fond childhood memories that the finished piece will often evoke.

Here are 4 game assemblages I have made over the past year. I'm sure if you look closely, they will 'stir up' some childhood memories of your own.  Enjoy!
 "Game Changer"
* * *
 * * *
 "The Games We Play"
* * *
"Fun and Games"

Sunday, April 24, 2016