Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Waiting For a Kiss

"Waiting for a Kiss"
So, I got this unfinished bowl, from a wood turner friend of mine. Apparently the bowl was a 'reject' from her shop, as it had a small crack on one side.

The bowl sat in my studio for months . . . then one day, I started drilling holes into it and adding rusty nails and screws and paint and bits and bling and images, and this is what happened. . . .
Because the bowl was uneven on the bottom, I had to figure out how to stabilize it. I fitted a vintage 'baby moon' hubcap to the bottom and magic happened.
This added movement to the piece.
The frog on top, well that's the Prince who is "Waiting for A Kiss"

It waddles.   It's lovely. . . .what do you think? ~SOLD~

The photos below, give you an idea of how it began.


  1. It's been a LONG time since I visited. I just found you again today. My blog had a meltdown and I lost all my contacts on my sidebars. I've been slowly bringing them back whenever I find a person whose blog I admire.

    Of course, you probably know I am in AWE of this beautiful, rusty, ethereal assemblage. It is fabulous. I'm also glad I found you again, because I've missed your art and assemblages.

  2. j'adore! le prinz charmant sur son trône! bises

  3. je regrette que ton blog fait une trop longue pause!

    1. merci, Elfi. Oui, cela fait longtemps que je n'ai pas posté sur mon blog. J'ai posté sur ma page d'art Facebook. il semble plus facile

  4. Really outstanding. Hi Rebeca! I'm still around. Mostly on Instagram. Hope you are doing well.