Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Reflections In Time"

"Reflections In Time"
A new memory mirror finally emerges from the depths of my studio. . . . 
This small vintage mirror, probably from the 30s was a bit beat-up when I found it at the flea market, but I loved the thickness of the mirror glass, I loved the overall sturdiness of the frame itself and the thickness of the wood.  The piece charmed me, in that it could either hang on a wall or sit on a table or dresser.

I first covered the frame in my favorite spring green tissue papers and then did an overlay of sewing pattern tissues. Then I embellished with 'bits' and 'bling' in brass and gold tones. Hard to photograph all the details, but there are many sweet, interesting and wonder-filled objects collected as souvenirs of events or experiences familiar to us all. 
There are vintage buttons, political pins, bottle caps, religious metals, a tiny toy metal airplane, a watch face and a #3 house number.
Don't miss the little red rhinestone shoe sitting on the shelf next to the #10 gym locker number.

You'll see a wand with a cut crystal topper piercing through the upper left of the frame. On the very top, I attached a part of vintage brass cork screw with a brass screw that allows it to swivel back and forth and doubles as a nice handle.
The dimensions are 7.5"x10" with a 4" shelf.  The piece is ready to hang on a special wall, or happily sit on a table or dresser top.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Memories and Reflections"

"Memories and Reflections"
   A couple of months ago, I was invited to work with 5th grade students at Oak Grove Elementary School in Santa Rosa to create an art piece that would be auctioned off at the school's Annual Gala Auction and Dinner / Dance Fundraiser   I have to admit I was honored to be asked, and excited and nervous at the same time.  5th Graders! YIKES!
   The school's Arts Program Director had seen my work by way of this blog and loved the idea of re-using materials that would normally be destined for the landfill. She wanted to hear my ideas on what project we could do with the 5th grade class, who would be graduating from elementary school to middle school soon.  I thought the idea of making a 'memory mirror' would be perfect!  We would ask the students to bring in 4-5 small 'silvery' things, from bells to bling . . . to use on the project.
   She loved the idea, and we set a date for the art project. Soon I was off in search of the perfect mirror. The next weekend, I found it at the flea market. I made a list of items the students might want to bring, and I sent it in.
   Next I prepared the mirror, by covering the frame in several layers of colored tissue. For the top layer, I used vintage sewing pattern tissue.
   On the day of the project, the students were sent in in small groups with their 'silvery' things. After a brief discussion about the project, they each came up and told me where on the frame they wanted their item(s) placed, and I attached each item, using tiny nails, screws, wire or glue, as appropriate.
   Next, the students were asked to sign their name on a piece of  pattern tissue, which would later be put on the back side of the mirror, finishing the piece

   The mirror is now finished. I am happy with the results. The whole experience was terrific!
I will deliver it to the school next week, where it will be on display for parents and students to see until the day of the auction, which will be May 12th. 
   I hope it brings in a bunch of money for the Arts Program!
   There is lots to see, these images do not do it justice. To see details you will need to enlarge the image.

Friday, April 6, 2012


A vintage sewing machine drawer covered in green tissues and McCall's pattern tissues houses this assemblage.  Inside are images of wonder . . . a porcelain doll's head espousing the word, a music box plays a whimsical tune, and splashes of color invite the viewer in. A concave mirror inside reflects the viewer's own sense of wonder. On top a vintage drawer pull, a red tassel and a brass bell add interest.