Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Reflections In Time"

"Reflections In Time"
A new memory mirror finally emerges from the depths of my studio. . . . 
This small vintage mirror, probably from the 30s was a bit beat-up when I found it at the flea market, but I loved the thickness of the mirror glass, I loved the overall sturdiness of the frame itself and the thickness of the wood.  The piece charmed me, in that it could either hang on a wall or sit on a table or dresser.

I first covered the frame in my favorite spring green tissue papers and then did an overlay of sewing pattern tissues. Then I embellished with 'bits' and 'bling' in brass and gold tones. Hard to photograph all the details, but there are many sweet, interesting and wonder-filled objects collected as souvenirs of events or experiences familiar to us all. 
There are vintage buttons, political pins, bottle caps, religious metals, a tiny toy metal airplane, a watch face and a #3 house number.
Don't miss the little red rhinestone shoe sitting on the shelf next to the #10 gym locker number.

You'll see a wand with a cut crystal topper piercing through the upper left of the frame. On the very top, I attached a part of vintage brass cork screw with a brass screw that allows it to swivel back and forth and doubles as a nice handle.
The dimensions are 7.5"x10" with a 4" shelf.  The piece is ready to hang on a special wall, or happily sit on a table or dresser top.


  1. Replies
    1. thanks diane! all of a sudden, everybody wants memory mirrors!

  2. You always amaze me, Rebeca! I did a soapstone box the same way, sort of, inspired by your rooster! Imagine how many people take your great ideas and create wonderful things.

    1. thank you paula! that is such a nice compliment! i love sharing my ideas.

      did you post a picture of the piece you made? i would love to see it.

    2. tu fais toutes les brocantes? incroyable richesse en objets insolites!

    3. oui !
      j'ai toujours aimé aller au marché aux puces et aux brocantes à domicile.

      ainsi j'ai un montant considérable de 'art supplies'.

      c'est tellement amusement !