Sunday, October 28, 2012

An Invitiation from World Bicycle Relief - "Waiting"

I am re-posting this because the pART's project just posted all the artist's statements, their photos and their finished pieces.   VERY EXCITING!         Check it out: here     

In July, I received an email from Mr. Terrence Coffman, who will be curating an exhibition in New York next month that will raise funds to help bring bicycles primarily into Africa through World Bicycle Relief. He said he had seen my work on-line via this BLOG, and asked if I'd be interested in being one of 95 invited artists from across the US, Canada and Ireland who will participate in this year’s juried exhibition at the Cedar Lake Theater in the Chelsea area of New York City.
     This is the 2nd year of the SRAM pART PROJECT and if you follow this link you will be able to see the work created by the amazing artists who participated in this project last year.
     I admit, I was a bit leery at first, given the request to participate, came, seemingly, from nowhere. However, after checking out the links Mr. Coffman provided, and after seeing the scale and quality of the work produced last year, I knew I had to say YES.  
     One week later a box of brand-new 100 SRAM bicycle parts arrived at my studio. . . Now - all I had to do was create something, right?  YIKES!
     This was a very difficult project for me to start. The parts I received were beautiful, high-quality, high-end, brand new bicycle parts. What I didn't take into consideration, was that I NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER use NEW-anything in my work. 
      I was befuddled, I felt lost, nothing worked, nothing looked right! I looked for inspiration everywhere I went. I asked for input from everyone who would listen. Although I was able to incorporate bits, pieces and parts of all the ideas I was gathering, it took me weeks and weeks, and 8 or 9 different concepts, until I was finally able to zero in on one concept that appealed to me.

     As it often happens with my most difficult art challenges, it felt as if the 'piece' itself was telling ME what to do next, it seemed to come together after many weeks of trial and error. 
     My next challenge was: What to call it?  "Geared Up / Time Out",  "The Gears of Time",  "Time is Running Out",  "Time and Music" . . .  again, nothing felt right.  Then one morning, around 4AM, I woke up from a deep sleep, and I knew what the title would be.  It is titled: "Waiting".
     I finished "Waiting" last week.  In the end I can say, I am happy with the finished piece, even the SHINE ON THE NEW PARTS!
     It has been delivered to the UPS Store for shipment to NYC!  WOO! HOO !

So here is the BIG REVEAL . . . . do tell me what you think.
(click on any image get a closer view)

18" x 24" x 2" wood frame, collaged on the back and sides with vintage music, on the inside, an enlarged image of my original collage of duplicate copies of a photograph of Degas' "Little Dancer" atop vintage dictionary text and green tissue. Along the top, a wooden dowel snugly holds 4 steel rods, while the 4 black rings slide freely back and forth, a blue thingy anchors each end (sorry, I really don't know what the bike parts are called - see image below), bicycle chain (around the mirrors), and gears - lots and lots of gears covered in vintage clock faces. On the upper right is a spray of hand-strung black and white beads (to mimic the music notes), and on the lower left, a small compass sits ready to give direction.
I will post additional details as I get them. 
Or, just keep visiting SRAM pART PROJECT and see the progress. 
The the AUCTION is scheduled for November 29th.  
Check back often, tell your friends, and BID! BID! BID!

The Cause
World Bicycle Relief serves people in underdeveloped regions of the world who suffer from lack of access to health care, education, and economic opportunity. With a bicycle you can travel four times farther, carry five times more, and save up to three hours a day in travel time (based on a 10-mile commute). So you can get to a doctor, to school, or to work faster and more safely. Doors closed by distance are now opened, as is the way to a better life.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mirror, Mirror Me

 "Mirror, Mirror Me"
This new memory mirror emerged from the depths of my studio at the end of summer. This piece came together quickly, embellished with the bling, baubles, bangles and other momentos from many sources and different vintages.
  • The wood frame is covered in green tissue and overlaid with vintage sewing patterns. 
  • The large silver piece on top is half of a silver plate napkin holder.   
  • Like many of my pieces, this one is interactive and meant to be played with. An example is the white seagull in the second image, a tiny under-magnet allows the bird to be moved around.
  • The dangley chains provide kinetic movement.
  • The pieces with words help the viewer tell a story.
  • In the lower left is a vintage metal purple and red tin toy top, possibly a Cracker Jack toy (see image below), depicts a clown and circus image and the words "VIDBEL'S OLDE TYME CIRCUS" and "under the big top".
As some of you know, I show my work at the Sebastopol Gallery, in Sebastopol, CA. There are 15 member artists at this gallery, and we typically rotate our work and our exhibit space every 6-8 weeks. This was one of the new pieces I brought in to hang in the the gallery at our rotation in early October. I am pleased to say that "Mirror, Mirror Me" found a new home within the first week.

Friday, October 19, 2012

My World . . .

"My World . . . "
A vintage brass house lamp fixture with beveled glass sides, has been lovingly converted into a sweet table-top assemblage.  I hand cut a piece of glass to fit the bottom of the fixture (where the bulb came in) and filled it with red plastic BB's.  A small world globe is suspended in the center.

There was a small hole in the back (where the electrical wiring passed through), I made a 'spray" of glass beads to embellish the piece (and plug up the hole).

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Everything But . . . .

"Everything But . . ."
This piece contains many items that could be found in the kitchen . . . mashers, peeler, corn cob holders . . . it is also embellished with a variety of other found objects, such as scissors, clock parts, bling, even a a crucifix and dog tags - it’s all there, hence the title. 
A wood framed, beveled edge mirror is the base for this wall-hung assemblage. The cooling rack on the front is attached in such a way to allow for cleaning the mirror,  a vintage silver drawer pull on top for easy carrying.

ps: these mirrors are very difficult to photograph, especially for an amateur like myself . . . .  but if you can zoom in on the image, you will be able to look at the detail.  I am sure it will delight. (yes that is me reflected in the mirror in the last image).