Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Waiting For a Kiss

"Waiting for a Kiss"
So, I got this unfinished bowl, from a wood turner friend of mine. Apparently the bowl was a 'reject' from her shop, as it had a small crack on one side.

The bowl sat in my studio for months . . . then one day, I started drilling holes into it and adding rusty nails and screws and paint and bits and bling and images, and this is what happened. . . .
Because the bowl was uneven on the bottom, I had to figure out how to stabilize it. I fitted a vintage 'baby moon' hubcap to the bottom and magic happened.
This added movement to the piece.
The frog on top, well that's the Prince who is "Waiting for A Kiss"

It waddles.   It's lovely. . . .what do you think? ~SOLD~

The photos below, give you an idea of how it began.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Silver Wood Duck


 "Silver Wood Duck"
In nature, the silver wood duck is a color mutated variant of wood duck. Like wood ducks they are extremely hardy, easy to care for.

In this mixed media assemblage: a wooden duck form, has been embellished with silvery bits and bling to create an elegant representation of a Silver Wood Duck . . 

Silver Wood Duck male.


An American Quilt

"An American Quilt"
for this piece I found 2 10"x10" wooden frames. In between the 2 pieces of glass you will find 165 dice and other dice-like game pieces. The dice are free-standing, adding an interactive quality and movement to the assemblage.
 Includes a wooden stand, for table top/shelf display.

This piece reminds me of a quilt my mother made for me many years ago, which I still have.

Here is a photo of the original quilt . . . .