Scrabble Assemblage

Hi! And welcome to my Scrabble Page.  This is where I will list all the assemblages that are SCRABBLE related.  That way if someone is interested in seeing the different pieces of Scrabble Art that I have made over the years, they will all be listed in one place.

If you see one that is of interest to you, and you would like to read more about the piece, click on the title, and you will be taken to the page where I have described the piece and the process.  If you see a RED DOT  next to it, that meas it is sold.  But if you would like one of your very own, email me. I happily take commissions, and am able to ship anywhere.  

Have fun looking, and let me know what you think. 

"Pig Song"  ●


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  1. Hailing from Florida,.... I can really relate to the alligator assemblage, in more ways than one! Love it!