Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Do Better

"Do Better" 
Last Summer, I came across this quote by Maya Angelou. I loved the quote, and decided to use it in a Scrabble assemblage piece. 
So far I've made 4 using the same quote. The first 3 can be seen here. Each one is different and unique, yet the message is the same. They have all sold. I think it's because the words are simple, yet poignant and powerful:
"Do the best you can (un)til you know better, 
then when you know better, do better." Maya Angelou
 Found wood and vintage wooden hanger are covered with various papers and tissue, scrabble tiles spell out the quote. Chop sticks and metal embellishments finish the piece.
My apologies to everyone for my absence on this blog . . .  after the holidays, we went away on vacation - we spent 10 glorious days on Kauai, and then after we got home, I think I just got lazy about posting . . . But I am back now, hoping to get back on to my weekly posting schedule.  I am far behind, and have lots of new work to show you. 

Husband Walter and a glorious sunset, Kauai, Hi
 I do hope everyone is doing great.
It's a New Year, with new opportunities to make good art!


  1. je ne sais pas faire mieux..:)))

  2. Lucky you. What a great vacation that must have been. As always, your assemblage speaks to me. Of course, I'm a BIG fan of Maya Angelou. I think I mentioned that she still has family that lives in Wichita and we have a library named for her.

  3. Love the quote and the piece you made as well. The fact that the words cross over from one line to the next really draws the eye in to the piece.

  4. Hi Rebecca - thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comments. And popping by here - what a perfect quote from Maya Angelou I read - so glad I stopped by! :) Amelia.x