Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Do Better . . .

"Do Better"
A couple of weeks ago, I posted a piece, titled "Do The Best You Can" on this blog.
I was working on it during my 'open studios' weekend, and one of my early visitors said, "please call me when this is finished, I want to buy this piece to hang in my office . . ." 

Well, wouldn't you know, on the last day of open studios, another visitor fell in love with the then finished piece and bought it. So the following week, I got busy and made a new one for the first customer.  (she said she like the color purple, so I used more purple colors on her piece).

Then, I decided to make a third piece to hang at the gallery.  Here are all 3. All are similar, but each is one of a kind. 

The quote, by Maya Angelou: 
"Do the best you can (un)til you know better, then when you know better, do better."

"Do Better"

"Til You Know" 

"Do The Best You Can"
1" thick piece of oak butcher block covered in bits of text, images and tissues is the substrate for these. Scrabble tiles framed in wood spell out the Maya Angelou quote. A vintage wooden hanger tops each piece and a metal embellishment finishes each one.


  1. bravo.. une petite production .. vu le succès! bises

  2. For the life of me, I've had the hardest time trying to leave a comment. I like how you changed each a bit, yet kept them similar. I have NO idea where you get all those scrabble tiles, but I can't find them in my area. I love what you do with yours, though.

  3. Oh, that's clever! I like that. :)

  4. Wonderful set! I really like them all, but I think the second is my favorite, I'm partial to the natural wood. It's a great quote, too.