Monday, January 28, 2013

The Edge (again)

"The Edge (again)"
"This piece makes me think and it makes me smile. 
The words make me think, and the frog makes me smile."
That is what a customer said to me when he first saw this piece.
I have to grin, because that is the same effect it has on me.

Tissue papers and vintage maps are over-layered with sewing pattern tissues to cover the wooden game board that is the substrate that holds the words to this piece. Mahogany chop sticks frame the quote. A 'shelf sitter' hand carved wooden frog sits on a vintage child's wooden block finish the piece.

"Come to the edge he said. 
They said, we are afraid. 
Come to the edge he said. 
They came. 
He pushed them, and they flew."
I absolutely love this quote, which is widely attributed to Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918), a French poet/writer.  I have made other pieces using this same quote, and I am pleased that other people really like it too.  I got a call today from the Sebastopol Gallery telling me the piece was sold.


  1. Yay well done!!! I love using those old dress patterns. The tissue aper add such a lot to a design. x Joan

    1. thank you Joan. I love using those patterns also. they give the work dimension and a sense nostalgia, don't you think?

  2. attention..en france on mange les grenouilles!!!:))

    1. oh, c'est vrai ~ Je me souviens de manger des cuisses de grenouilles, quand nous étions en France.

  3. Ooh, fabulous! Your customer summed up my feelings as well:) Now following!

  4. This is so creative. Love the poem and your use of Scrabble tiles. It's no wonder it sold.