Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Girls, The Twins and The Sistas

"The Garcia Girls"
Three sweet girls, "Naomi", "Yolanda" and "Laura", from an unlikely source: all 3 made from one of these pictured above, right. You can tell they are sisters because of their eyes . . . (apparently this photo was taken early in the process, because I do not have one of their eyes)

Made from a Japanese toy called a 'kendama", similar to our 'cup-and-ball' game, consisting of a wooden cup with a handle and a ball attached to a cup by a string.

 "The Twins" are 'Glen" and "Glenda", one in the same. Stylish and fashion forward, both cut from the same cloth . . .errrr I mean foot roller.
Made from a wooden 'foot roller' like the one pictured above left.

"The Sistas"
Three singing nuns came into my studio as a broken ceramic music box (similar to the one pictured below on right). I cleaned and cut and dolled them up and they became the Singin' Sistas.

Left to right the Sistas are:  
"Sista Sam" The 2nd of the Singing Trio of Sistas.  Sam is indeed a musical wonder. Reminiscent of Debbie Reynolds's 1966 movie "The Singing Nun".

"Sista Delores Heart"  Delores Hart, a beautiful film actress in the 50’s, often compared to Grace Kelly, playing opposite Elvis in several movies.  In the early 60’s Delores at 24, decided to leave Hollywood to become a nun, taking her final vows in 1970.  The Documentary “God Is the Bigger Elvisis a 2011 film about Sister Hart. When the film was nominated for the 2011 Academy Award for Best Documentary, Sister Hart was in attendance. 

"Sista Shay" first appeared on this blog last November. A patent leather belt, vintage metal hair pins for arms, and buttons for hands.  Coins (with hole) make up her shoulders.


  1. la population s'agrandit..! :))

    1. oui, c'est une explosion de la population!

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    1. thanks Joan-i made a whole batch of these (20-25) to hang at the gallery over the holidays. they are fun and full of whimsey, and people really seem to like them, and over christmas, most of them found new homes.

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    1. thank you Gloria!
      i am so glad you like them. they make me smile too!