Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Fish's Life

"A Fish's Life"
Ah, the fish stories these lures could tell . . .

A multi-photo, collage picture frame holds 7 vintage  fishing lures, and a vintage wooden hanger from the McDougall and Cassou Company - Men's Outfitters Phoenix Ariz.

In doing my research for this piece I was not able to find much about the McDougall and Cassou Company, except for this short except about the company's founder in the Arizona-Who's Who from 1913  (don't you just love the Internet?)

The glass is held in place by 2 blue knitting needles, found at the flea market recently. The piece is ready to hang.


  1. les poissons avec du omega 3! :))

  2. Rebecca
    Really love this piece... relly cool vintage fishing lures..

    Great job!

    Joe Perez