Tuesday, February 5, 2013

55 And Holding

"55 And Holding"
Odd title, right? (more on that later)  As I begin this post, that is what comes to mind.
My husband and I were in Fort Bragg, California over Thanksgiving weekend. While we were there, we found a small flea market, being held in a parking south of town. That is where I came across a pair of hand-carved wooden bookends in the shape of a "Holstein Cow".  Adorable!

. . . I failed to take a 'before' photo of the book ends before I started working on it, so I found a similar one on the internet, to show how it looked.

The base is the base of a 'spice tower' similar to this:

The hardest part was 'connecting' the 2 cow parts to each other to make a "Whole-Holstein". . . (pun intended). I drilled small holes on each cow half, and joined them with wooden dowels and wood glue.

Once all these logistics were resolved, I started papering and embellishing. After the green tissue, came the vintage brass numbers '5' on each side of the cow. I did this, not only because I love the patina on the numbers, but because I wanted to add a little extra support to HOLD the 2 cow-halves. (hence the title . . .)  Then I started 'bling-ing'.

She is very whimsical and fun! and the fact that she spins around makes it even more fun.  


  1. I love your spinning cow and even more so seeing how it came together!!

  2. and it three goes to get the comment to go through because obviously I am a robot.... I hate word verification.... now I will have to try again.

  3. Boy am I a beggar for punishment or something, LOL I don't get spam. I use the alternative which is I pass any comments before they get put on the blog and the weird and iffy ones just get deleted. The spammers know you will delete them and they don't bother with you anymore. You could give it a go and see how you get on? I do know that blogs that use the word verification (since it changed and went really hard to read and incorporated a number) get a lot less comments... purely because it makes it so difficult to leave one. I'd try the alternative and see how you get on. Annette

    1. Thanks A!
      i tried to make the changes . . . let's see what happens.

  4. Hi Rebeca. Awesome work. Love all the embellishments. Great job. Thanks.

  5. les vaches de normandie et de suisse.. joli..prochainement ..moi aussi je mettrai les vaches à l'honneur! bonne soirée ou..bonne journée!

  6. Haven't been to your blog for a week or so and I dearly love the 'cow'... How big is he/she?

  7. Nice. I'd love to have you share this at What to Do Weekends party. Take care, Linda You are holding on 55? Oh, heck, that's YOUNG! :)


  8. I have a thing for cows to begin with, but this guy is amazing! Love!

  9. Wow, I love the transformation and your very creative use of flea market cow. Fabulous!