Friday, March 30, 2012

"The Edge"

"The Edge" (again)
A few weeks ago I posted a piece with the same quote by Guillaume Apollinaire a poet, playwright, short story writer and novelist
"Come to the edge he said. 
They said, we are afraid. 
Come to the edge he said. 
They came. 
He pushed them, and they flew."

It sold the same day I hung it in the gallery, so I thought I would make another one, a little bit different than the first.  This one is also spelled out in scrabble tiles, but it is bordered in vintage yard sticks, and embellished with a brass bell and a sweet wooden green parrot, also vintage.


  1. That parrot really MAKES the assemblage. Clever, clever, and so much fun! I can see why the first one sold so fast.

  2. Nicely done! Both the sale and the art!

  3. une cloche pour pâques..joli!

  4. Love the Parrot! He's really spunky, and no-nonsense about pushing someone out of the nest! I love the scrabble tiles.

  5. what a cool concept. The mix pf poetry and visual art *swoon*

  6. Love this... makes me want to raid the attic for a old scrabble game!!

    In reply to your question re air drying the coffee coated papers... I am not sure... in Calgary we don't 'air dry' much!! LOL... I would imagine the effect would be the same though because I think it is the coffee that makes the pages brittle and crackly as it doesn't happen when I use tea.