Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Never try to teach a pig to sing
it wastes your time
and it annoys the pig 

I have heard this quote repeated many times in my life and it always makes me laugh.

In putting this piece together I wondered what the origin of the saying was. Many online sources say it was science fiction writer Robert Heinlein who coined the phrase.  Others, attribute it to, of all people, Mark Twain. Still a whole group of other sources insist it is urban folklore.

Although I am a strong believer that we can do most anything we set our minds to do, I also believe that there are some things one cannot change no matter how hard you try, and that continued efforts might cause the subject of your efforts to revolt. 

Teaching a pig to sing might be akin to trying to teach a cat to fetch. 

At some point we all need to know when to accept the nature of things, and understand that there are some outcomes we can influence and bring change to, and that there are other things that are not capable of being changed or altered.

With that said, I will add that all is not lost . . . my husband did teach our cat LUCI to fetch.
Well sort of . . . Luci fetches only when he is in the mood to fetch  . . . but that's a start.  

 That makes me laugh, too.

A wooden game board is covered front and back in bits of papers and tissues. Scrabble tiles spell out the quote, and a ceramic pig shows a little attitude.


  1. Oh you have made another one with the scrabble letters, love that pig, he is quite something! I had a cat that fetched rolled up balls of kitchen foil.. would do it for hours if you would throw it... only one I have had that would though!! LOL

  2. lol LOVE this quote...awesome :) I must use it sometime! I finally found a frame to try my hand at your mirror art..now to get the courage! thanks for the inspiration here!

  3. Love the quote too Rebeca. Love the pig. We had pigs on the ranch when I was growing up. I loved the little piggies. I didn't like that they were slaughtered for chicharonnes or however it's spelled. Any way nvery nice job. Thx for following me on my new blog. I appreciate it.:)

  4. You have offended Bleubeard. He has gone on strike and now refuses to fetch anything, except the food in his dish, which really isn't fetching (grin).

    Gotta love the pig, too. I've also wondered where the saying came from, but never asked anyone. Of course, I love this assemblage. I really MUST start making some. Of course, when I do that, I have to get off my duff and away from my computer (grin). However, you have given me a bit of inspiration. For that I am very grateful.

  5. very great ideas..i love scrabble and i have made some pendants and even a coaster

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