Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rex, the Wonder Horse

This is Rex, the Wonder Horse. 
Rex is a Moyle horse.

Moyle horses are both fascinating and strange. They are a very rare, very special breed. The exact origin of the breed is unknown, but is believed that in the mid-1950's a fellow named Rex Moyle from Idaho, bred horses with great endurance with wild Mustangs to create this amazing and unique breed.

The most notable, and fascinating aspect of this breed, besides having great endurance, is that the horses are marked with small horn-like knobs on their foreheads.
This is my version of this very special horse. However, instead of 'horn-like-knobs', my-Moyle has fully developed horns . . . just to make the point.  

I named him "Rex the Wonder Horse", after Rex Moyle, and Rex Allen who became known as the "Last of the Silver Screen Cowboys" and his "Wonder Horse, KoKo".
(I know, I know . . . it's complicated, but Rex seemed to fit)

A wooden horse covered in bits of wallpaper from the 1920's, and embellished with bits and bling, making him a beautiful carousel horse. The wooden dowel that suspends the horse is topped with a gold knob and is covered in colorful ribbons. The dowel is attached to a vintage cutting board that has been covered in tissue papers. A metal measuring tape with beautiful patina, outlines the board's outer edge. The board sits on 4 colorful wooden beads attached on its underside.

If you are interested in more info , here is a link to MoyleHorse 
And this is a link to a photo of a horse with 'nubs' for horns


  1. entre cheval,chèvre et capricorne...:)))

  2. Love Rex to bits! He's so beautifully embellished and the pole with the little skateboard for him to stand on... brilliant! LOL

  3. This is gorgeous. I sure learned something here. I'd never heard of Rex Moyle, or Moyle horses before. You did a fabulous job with this assemblage. I love it.