Thursday, October 11, 2012

Everything But . . . .

"Everything But . . ."
This piece contains many items that could be found in the kitchen . . . mashers, peeler, corn cob holders . . . it is also embellished with a variety of other found objects, such as scissors, clock parts, bling, even a a crucifix and dog tags - it’s all there, hence the title. 
A wood framed, beveled edge mirror is the base for this wall-hung assemblage. The cooling rack on the front is attached in such a way to allow for cleaning the mirror,  a vintage silver drawer pull on top for easy carrying.

ps: these mirrors are very difficult to photograph, especially for an amateur like myself . . . .  but if you can zoom in on the image, you will be able to look at the detail.  I am sure it will delight. (yes that is me reflected in the mirror in the last image).


  1. c'est ainsi que je dois me regarder dans le miroir..
    le grillage cache les rides...:))))

  2. I'm so glad that I found you on House of Hepworths! This is awesome!


  3. Hi Rebeca -- What a cool looking piece of art work! So unique. I just found your blog through FJI-SNS party...I read your profile and love the name of your artwork. "OBTAINIUM ART" I spotted the mashers right away.
    I searched long and hard high and low....for the crusicfix. The Cross of Christ...because that is HOW He found me...searching long and hard for me. He obtained me...bought with a price!

    I love this piece! so nice to meet you, Patricia

  4. I had just dropped by to tell you how much I liked this piece when my electricity was knocked out by a storm that passed through Kansas. That was yesterday. Getting back online after my computer woes didn't help much!

    It never ceases to amaze me at how many unique and disparate pieces you manage to put together, they all seem to work in harmony and unity. Every time I visit, I think I'm going to start making assemblages, but never do. You always inspire me with your ideas and your drop dead awesome pieces. This one is no exception.

  5. Wow, so completely different! It looks like a lot of work & thought were put into this piece. Very cool!
    Saw you linking at Funky Junk's SNS
    Debbie :)