Saturday, September 5, 2020

 Hello Again . . . 2

As I said in my previous post, I've been gone a long time. I never meant to be, it just got busy the last few years. Thankfully, I never gave up my blog. After several years of faithfully posting a new work each week, I really had quite a portfolio of works.  

So even though I have continued to 'make art' (but not posting) I have images of each piece by month/year it was created.  As frequently as I will be posting a 'month's worth of work in each post.  

I'll do this until I'm caught up.

Thanks for following along.

These works are from: August, 2015.                                        This is catch Up Post #2

"Silver Dreams of Children"

Wooden framed mirror for a child's room, embellished with metal and plastic toys, 
that are firmly attached and sprayed with silver paint.

"Dear Nancy"

This was a commissioned piece for a client.  
Scrabble tiles on a small wooden board, with Daffy Duck making the point.

"Eternity is a Long Time"

Cigar boxes, within each box is a vignette and a story. 
Images are back and front.  

"Achey Breaky"

Wooden heart, found at the flea market,  and rusty nails found on my daily walks around my neighborhood, a glass rod, and metal chains.

Thanks for stopping by.  I've got lots more to show you, do come back soon.

Feel free to leave a comment, as we go.


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  1. I absolutely adore the cigar boxes. They are brilliant. It's amazing you can view them from either side. They would look good anywhere you put them, like on a coffee table.

    I recognized some of those toys for the child's mirror. Clever. And that heart is out of this world. You must live somewhere there is lots of construction, because I've never seen a single nail on my walks. All are great.