Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mirror Of Myth

"These are little scraps of magic and when you paste them together 
you get a memory of something fine and strong she said.  
Sometimes it takes til you are 40 to see it though." Story People, Brian Andreas

"Mirror of Myth"
There are many superstitions and beliefs surrounding mirrors. We all know what happens if you break a mirror, right?  But there are other beliefs about the mystical powers that mirrors possess. The 2 most common are:
     1. Mirrors bring luck, usually bad
     2. They help tell the future
To these two, I would like to add a third belief:
     3.  They help tell the past . . .
This new piece titled 'Mirror of Myth' is filled with stories to be told, of times past, of small things, and charming moments, of laughter and life.  As in life, there is a lot to see. Do take a closer look. 

A 4" wide wooden picture frame became the base for this wall-hung mirror assemblage. The frame is first covered, front and back, in vintage encyclopedia pages and sealed with varnish. Attached to the wooden frame are various found objects of any person's life, from keys, to crosses to cowboys. There are buttons, bells and "bling".  Glass beaded fringe from a vintage piano scarf runs along the bottom.
Click on the image to take a closer look. 


  1. Wow, wow, wow. This is incredible. I think you included everything except the kitchen sink in this assemblage. I'm speechless, which is something I'm not used to saying/writing.

  2. Excellent assemblage Rebeca. Every one of those items has a meaning behind it and it is just beautiful. Wowza! Thanks. Have a great weekend.

  3. joli mirroir... je suis encore en voyage..alors , je ne peu pas tout voir :)