Sunday, January 9, 2011

Genoa's Adventure

"Genoa's Adventure"
My young friend Genoa, who attends UC Berkeley, is off to New Zealand to study for one semester. This great adventure will allow her to spread her wings; it will change her life, broaden her experiences, and give her memories she will have for the rest of her life. Last night we attended a recital and going away party in her honor. I decided to make a small box assemblage that travels well, as a gift for her. The box measures 3”x 7”x 1” and when open, it reveals a scene of collaged images of flowers and foliage. The birds and butterflies, perched on real tree limbs look down on a metal lizard and wooden gazelle, adding to the 3-D effect. On the outside, the box is again covered in magazine images, of green foliage and jungle critters who will keep a watchful eye on Genoa while she is away.

Be safe, sweet friend, have fun, and come home with many stories to tell.


  1. This is wonderful Rebeca--the colors just pop off the page. I would love to see this for real.
    And Oh New Zealand--what an adventure!

  2. très belle boite.. je suis une inconditionnelle !

  3. Rebeca, this is magnificent. I bet Genoa will cherish it the entire time she is gone. I have a similar small box, and never knew what to do with it. Once I have a bit of free time, I'm going to dig it out and play with it. Thanks for inspiring me.

  4. il me semble d'avoir laissé un commentaire.. j'aime beaucoup!!!!!!!

  5. Hey Rebeca, it's great to be back and visiting your blog! Love this piece and the surreal edge it has to it!!