Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Children Of War"

"Children of War"
   Recently, the Healdsburg Center for The Arts, the place where I show my work as a Resident Artist, gave 100 local artists a 2" tin filled with chocolate covered coffee beans and challenged us to create an art piece with the tin. The art pieces created from these tiny tins will be auctioned off at the first annual "Tins of Imagination" fund raiser and exhibition to take place on August 13th.
   This is my entry. After I ate the chocolate covered coffee beans (YUM!) . . . I covered the of the tin in maps from a vintage atlas; the inside is covered in 'war statistics' from a WWII history book and filled it with tiny babies of various sizes and colors. The tin is attached to a small lazy-susan, allowing it to rotate.
   A lens from an old pair of binoculars is attached to the top of the tin, magnifying the tiny babies inside. Fishing line and clear silicone adhesive hold the plastic soldiers as they circle the tin, traveling the world - fighting in the wars they fight.
   The whole thing is attached to a 5"x7" piece of wood with beveled edges which is also covered in vintage maps.  Ready to hang.  (click on images to enlarge)


  1. non seulement on mange du chocolat.. en plus, on détourne la boite! :)

  2. Hit me like a ton of bricks... no need to explain the piece at all with the image of babies on a map... Could see a whole series of these.

  3. This is one impressive piece of art. If I lived nearer, I would bid on this piece. Very telling. Of course, I would have loved the chocolate covered coffee beans, too. They are my favorite chocolate covered indulgence.

  4. Elfi - merci de visiter mon blog, et oui le chocolat était délicieux !

    Janet - I appreciate your thoughts. It is a pretty powerful piece, the show was hung last week and I have received several comments in that vein!

    B&E-Thank you for your comments. I too wish you you see it live, although it's small, it packs a punch, and yes the chocolate was rich! (Trader Joes)

  5. Wonderful! And BTW -I'm here via Seth and happy I stopped by. The tin piece (a play on 'TIN' soldiers perhaps?) with the imaginative use of the maps in your work is tremendous and thought provoking. I'm going to browse a bit...

  6. Oh this is stunning... the old maps, the little babies and the soldiers... very thought provoking piece! Not sure what chocolate covered coffee beans would taste like... but they must be good if you ate the entire box!! LOL

  7. I love this piece Rebeca. You really have an imagination. Very nice. I love chocolate covered coffee beans. Take care, have a great week.

  8. MrCachet-TIN Soldiers, had not thought of that... what a great idea! thanks for stopping by. Do come back again!

    VV: Thank you. . . and yes it does make one think, doesn't it...I will let you know how it goes . . .

    Gloria thanks, sometimes an idea just takes off, doesn't it? And YES the chocolates were yummy!

  9. Impressive, powerful. Congratulations on a really special piece.