Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's Not The End

"It's Not The End"
Those of you who follow my blog will know this is one of my favorite quotes:

"Everything will be OK in the end.
If it's not OK, it's not the end."

Although it's been done before, I had to go for it again.

My initial research credited this quote to John Lennon, however, further research credits a variety of origins, from a recent movie, to a Brazilian fiction writer, as well as a British song writer. In fact, it has even been credited to no one (anonymous).
Bottom line: many people say this quote, (myself included).  And although there is no one person we can pin this quote to, I still like it. I like it a lot!

I like it because it is memorable  I like it because it can be used as a simple general statement of curiosity and how truly free from complication life and the world around us can be.

It is the KISS Principle approach to life.

Have a great week everyone.

Wooden picture frame, burgundy under paint, and covered in sewing pattern tissue. Children's wooden alphabet blocks spell out the quote, and a gold tone leaf embellishment, and black tassel finish the piece. Ready to hang.


  1. Love this quote and what you did with it Rebeca. I may just start saying it myself and if it's okay with you, post this quote on my blog.

    1. thanks Gloria
      you go girl, the quote belongs to all of us!

  2. Went looking around and "Carolyn Myers" came up as the person who said this. There may be more as you say. We're just lucky to be able to use this in our everyday words.

    Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

    I suspect that the quotation belongs to the playwright Carolyn Myers.


    Two separate sites where I saw the quotation attributed to a "Carolyn Myers."

    Here is a very brief profile of the playwright Carolyn Myers. Her play "Girl Talk" focuses on a woman's friendships. In a friendship, one friend is likely to console the other at some point -- particularly in a friendship between two women. Since the quotation is an expression of consolation, it's plausible that it came from this play or another of her works with a similar theme. http://www.doollee.com/PlaywrightsM/Myer…

    1. see, what did i tell ya?
      this is very helpful. i had not read about the quote attributed to Carolyn Myers - but i will enjoy reading about her.
      thanks / gracias

  3. Great quote...beautifully presented.

  4. incredible blog- so happy to have found it! Love that "memory mirror" that u made at Christmas...any tips? I would love to make one for someone...