Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Things Remembered . . .

 "Things Remembered . . . "
Why do we remember some things and forget others?  Why do some moments in our life come rushing forward, without notice and in a flash with the simplest of prompts? 

Sometimes, when walking past the neighbor's flower garden, the fragrance of marigolds immediately transport me back to me to my first job in a nursery at age 14.

The minute I see or hear the sound of a vintage Volkswagon Beetle, I feel myself driving my very first car, a 1973 VW Bug.

Smells, sounds, and things all have the ability to flood our memory with moments in time, long ago forgotten.

This piece reminds me of the amazing ability our minds have to bring back those memories. The moments are ours, we possess them, but many of them have become faded.

Wooden box lid, collaged with hand made papers, and overlaid with sewing pattern tissue.  2x2-half inch wooden blocks covered in magazine images, maps, vintage sheet music and dictionary text, are embellished with bits and bling.  Each block creates a tiny vignette, a treasured memory of things remembered.


  1. boite à mémoire... ouvrir ou laisser fermé ?
    ou seulement pour se souvenir des bons

  2. great post today :) Love this and could relate

  3. Oh yes, I love this, just my style!! It never ceases to amaze me how a few notes of an old hit song can take me back in time or a smell... cigars always remind me of Christmas!! Annette #7

  4. I've been trying to leave you a message for days and couldn't get your comment box to show up. Let's hope now I'll be able to leave you a message.

    I love this assemblage. This is amazing and it instills all types of ideas. Although I can't relate to any of THOSE memories, I like the idea of creating such an awesome assortment of memories for others. I also like your choice of colors, too. Bold and engaging.

    You asked about "RAW." No, my new camera definitely saves in .jpg format only. I even read the entire booklet that came with it, and the only way to save is .jpg. But thanks for asking.

  5. I haven't visited for awhile and love this piece.
    How is your new studio working out for you? Do you have everything in one place now?
    I'm painting again, at least for awhile and loving it.