Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ro Sham Bo

"Ro Sham Bo . . . how to resolve any dispute like an adult"

It all started when I found this beautiful rock on a beach near Gualala, California.
I asked my archaeologist friends Bill Roop and Kathy Flynn to help me ID the rock.  

It is a low density rock, composed of dark gray/black, volcanic material, 
the small natural holes in the rock are filled with white sandy quarttz. 
The proper name is ANDESITE, a volcanic rock with a so-called average 
composition. It is more felsic than basalt and more mafic than dacite.

Apparently, it is just a rock . . . I was hoping they would say it was a very special rock, believed to hold very mysterious powers for it's owner, but they didn't.
Andesite is a common rock. Important in other ways, but no 'mysterious powers' . . .

I like my story better, so we will go with that . . . this is a very special rock, believed to hold mysterious powers . . . (my art piece, my rules).

I knew I wanted to use the rock in an art piece. The small holes filled with sandy silica made it easy to drill into the rock.

The finished piece is small (approx 10"x4"x4") so it's going to take a few photographs to show it to you


Top View
Bottom View 

  The rules to play RO SHAM BO (also known as Rock Paper Scissors) are simple. But as a reference, here is a brief explanation:
Rock breaks Scissors
Scissors cut Paper
Paper covers Rock
In my interpretation, a 'vintage'cigar box (?) holds a vintage pair of SCISSORS stabbing the 'very vintage' magical ROCK.  And yes, PAPER which is a €5 bill (a Euro bill) wins!

My art piece, my rules!  Right?


  1. la pierre est comme un morceau de pain venu de l'espace :)))

  2. This is quite a cool piece! I have to tell you that even if your rock isn't made of a special type of rock (substance), rocks with holes in them (form) have long been known to have magical powers. They are thought to bring good luck, among other things, so your rules are absolutely right!

  3. I love rocks with holes in them! Great piece. Happy New Year!

  4. I've never seen a rock that had holes in it before, so seeing one with scissors sticking out of it is really special.

    I tried to leave a comment earlier, but it was late last night, and after three times of getting the words wrong, I gave up until I got some sleep.

  5. A very beautiful box. I don't see those wooden cigar (cheroot) boxes very often. Where'd you find it?

    Ro Sham Bo, in a different reality, made fabulous zin... Something not every body knows.

    Your composition is whimsical as ever, do kids still play this game?

    Will Ardent

  6. Wow Rebeca, how ingenious. Awesome, very cool and quite divine.:) Like my words, tee hee. It's a beautiful box and where did you find wooden cigar boxes? I have quite a few hard cardboard boxes but wood? Lucky you. Your work is as always. Happy New Year and thx for the b/wishes.:)