Saturday, September 20, 2014


My husband's family meets every year for a week in the central California beach-town of Cayukos.
Cayukos is a sweet small coastal town, with beautiful beaches, funky restaurants, a few antique malls and one or two tasting rooms featuring lovely Central California wines.

This past summer I came across this sign in front of one of of the tasting rooms on Ocean Avenue:

I knew it would become one of my favorite quotes.
My customers at the Sebastopol Gallery, where I show my work, seem to love it too!
(we do, after all live in 'wine-country' . . . )


  1. :))) tu as encore beaucoup de lettres? :)))

  2. Words to live by, indeed... Great piece, Rebeca!

  3. This is gorgeous, and SO different from your other scrabble pieces where the words and sentences all flow together. This one can be read line for line, and I really like it. Don't get me wrong, I really, really love the other way, but this was new and unexpected, bold and fun. Love it. Really!!

  4. So true!!! Love your very creative version! Thanks for sharing it at Vintage Inspiration Party.