Monday, April 13, 2015

Pearls of Wisdom

"Pearls of Wisdom"
We discover the 'pearls' as we go.  We collect them, one by one.  Precise and succinct ideas about what is right and what is truth.  We discover our own realities, we acquire our own indisputable principles. We pick and choose the bits of internal advice that fit. These are the things that develop our character.  These are the Pearls of Wisdom that guide us as we journey.

The Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, (Marin MOCA) will be holding their 6th annual altered book fundraiser, to include the work of over 100 Bay Area artists who re-construct and re-work books to produce a highly entertaining and remarkably varied exhibition. The exhibit and silent auction will be open for bidding from April 18-May 23.

"Pearls of Wisdom" is my entry to the book show.


  1. What a lovely way to honor old books. This assemblage is absolutely incredible. I would love to join you for this auction, but I wouldn't be able to hitchhike there in time, I fear (grin). I'm sure your piece will command a very good price, because I sure like it!

  2. Oh yes indeedy, she is wonderful with her bottle of pearls and her folded book page body, love her to bits!!

  3. Such a clever way to integrate a book. Congrats on taking part in the show!

  4. What an incredible assemblage, and your use of the book is brilliant! Congrats on being in the show, and good luck in the auction!

  5. Oh wow! I didn't notice it was a book page body until I read it, and then had a closer look! Brilliant!