Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What's Your Point?

"What's Your Point?"

Where have all the pencils gone?
Electronic devices seem to be eliminating the need for pencils, or pens, or books or newspapers or phone booths, or so many other things that were once comfortable and familiar. . . . things keep a-changing'.

A colorful arrangement of a collection of vintage and newer leaded writing instruments neatly accommodated inside a simple wooden frame.

Write On!


  1. Aaah Rebeca, I love this, the colours and lines in their uniform-ness and the knowledge that all those lovely pencils are now ignored for texts and emails instead... its just not the same!

  2. une belle boite..je voudrai décoller les crayons :)))))

  3. Wonderful, colorful,and playful - I love this!

  4. I have a collection of old colored pencils I've been using in various projects but not all at once. Nice piece.