Wednesday, January 25, 2012


  We live in Northern California near the Pacific Coast.  When I first moved here from Texas, I remember a feeling of facination with the force and movement of the ocean. Today the same facination exists. I love going to Bodega Bay after a storm, where invariably I find amazing pieces of drift
  The 'Wonder' begins when I see a beautifully finished piece of drift wood, plank or post. The inspiration for this piece started with a piece of driftwood shaped like an ocean wave. You can see it on top of the piece?
Is it the remains of a tree? or maybe it came from shipwreck? or is it a part of chair or a bed?
Where did it come from? How long has it been traveling? How did it survive the trip?
_ _ _ _ _ _

Mixed media assemblage using a vintage sewing machine drawer, a porcelain doll's head and vintage children's blocks. This piece is topped with a crystal drawer handle and driftwood found in Bodega Bay beach.

The back side is covered with an image taken from a book of 18th century paintings. This image depicts Christ and his angels above, in the center of the image is humanity, and of course, Satan and his friends in hell fill in the bottom. "Crackled glass' coasters fit perfectly inside the drawer frame, are placed on top of the image, giving it even more mystery.

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  1. Rebeca! Her face is FILLED WITH WONDER! it's perfect! you can see it-she's breathing deeply, and gathering Light. The driftwood IS a perfect wave, and where you found it, ties in with your 'dollie'--that's how you feel at the Beach!

    Gorgeous! Breath-Taking and Breath-Giving.

    thank you for your craftsmanship in this world.