Friday, January 13, 2012

Fun and Funky Necklace . . .

"Fun and Funky"
A couple of months ago, I went to visit a dear friend in Seattle, and in one of the trendy downtown shops, we saw a necklace that she fell in love with . . . "I can make one just like that, I have all the 'stuff' "   I said . . .  what was I thinkin'? Just so we are clear, I 'do not make jewelry', but this was really fun, and it turned out great! (click on any image to enlarge)

I found a great silver-chain belt, and I started attaching 'stuff ': chandelier crystals, a sliver cross I bought in South Africa, a sewing machine bobbin (with thread), keys, a keyhole, a vintage optical lens and tiny silver charms from a bracelet.

I put it in the mail today - she should be getting it soon. . . .

(this is a photo of the one we was in Seattle. It is made up mostly chandelier crystals - it's lovely.)


  1. se mettre sa fortune autour du cou..
    ne plus chercher sa clef..
    son alliance..
    et sa bobine à fil..
    pratique :)))

  2. Very nice Rebeca. I'm sure she will love it!

  3. This is a fun necklace!! I always find it interesting when my wife and I see something we like and our first response is...."we could make that ourselves!" Doesn't help the artist whose work we're viewing...but...oh well!!

  4. You did it!!!
    I am not good at jewelry making, but I love to design!
    This is great!

  5. that is fun and funky :)
    it's one thing to say, "I could make that!" and then actually doing it? well! that's fantastic!!

  6. I super love this!!!!! And I love the term "obtanium art."

  7. AHH! But I like yours better because it includes that personal touch. What drew my eye was the bobbin. Love what you did, now that you have ventured into the fine art of jewelry making (grin).

  8. Just tested the Like button - works great! Love the funky necklaces!

  9. What dreams are made of ~ love all the lovely crystals and embellishments and the way you have arranged them. Gorgeous Rebeca!

    Gaby xo