Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Snake" (by d.h. lawrence)

"Snake by D.H. Lawrence"

In high-school, one of my favorite poets was D.H. Lawrence. And one of my favorite Lawrence poems was SNAKE. (http://homepages.wmich.edu/~cooneys/poems/dhl.snake.html)   I memorized every word. And even now, years later, it's verses still run through my head. This piece quotes the first 7 lines of this famous poem, written in scrabble pieces. This assemblage is constructed from a piece of wood, that in a former life was a kitchen cabinet from the 1930's. It measures 16"x14".  I framed the piece in vintage yard sticks, and it finished it off with a lovely brown snake that is attached in such a way that allows both the head and the tail to move when touched.  (click on image for a closer look)  IN PRIVATE COLLECTION  


  1. "A snake came to my water trough..." is such a sensual allusion and the wrap-around and lack of punctuation had me re-reading the lines in order to capture the flow of this beautiful poetry. Lovely

  2. Now this is a great idea! I pick up Scrabble games at the garage sales I go to. This really looks great!

  3. i love this one.. another great use of language...deb