Friday, July 9, 2010

"Las Canicas de Dios" (God's Marbles)

"Las Canicas de Dios" (God's Marbles)  All the roadsigns are there, the trappings, the rules.  We can choose to obey the rules or we can find our own way. Who's watching?
    This mahogany box is embellished with a vintage brass door plate and a doll's eye . Vintage papers cover the inside. Juxtaposed on an iron stand, Jesus wearing the 'key', looks longingly towards his guitar. On the other side, is 1/2 of a vintage clock face and a glass enclosed coca-cola box handle with three red marbles that move back and forth. The vintage compass is continually pulled by a magnet attached to the top knob. (click on image to enlarge)