Thursday, February 10, 2011

Work in Progress

this is a 'work in progress' but wanted to get some feedback . . .
the top image is the original magazine image i found in Vanity Fair magazine a couple of years ago.

the second is a mannequin head, originally covered in music and today i took a duplicate of the vanity fair image and applied the face to the FACE.

pretty interesting effect, from 2-D to 3-D . . . but not sure where i am going with this

PS i promise it is exactly the same image, but the bottom one looks like the face has a slight smirk doesn't it?


  1. She does have a slight smirk. I think a turban or some kind of head piece would be good to add.

  2. The striking thing is the curious mouths and something in the eyes. That mouth is saying "what the hell’s just happened to me"!. Like she’s just been jolted to life, opened her eyes wondering where the she is and then realizes, with a rye smile, that she’s alive!" And the eyes look off to the side wondering if anyone else has caught on.

  3. Thanks Pam, that's a great idea! let me try some things, i will let you know what happens . . .

  4. hi rebeca, it is fascinating how the expression gets changed and distorted by moving into the 3d form! i like her :) i feel funny making any suggestions, but i'd let her speak to you - what is she saying!? her personality, strength, power? I can imagine some kind of head dress/crown - 3d paper mached, collaged in the same style you've used. Something to help her own that expression fully!