Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Measure Up!"

"Measure Up"
I love collecting stuff. I collect everything, especially things that are well used, and have lived a life before finding me. Things that measure have always been of special interest. This piece is made entirely (almost) of vintage rulers, yard sticks and skirt markers. Constructed on a 12"x7" sections of kitchen cabinet doors, and framed in yard sticks.

The Imaginist Theater, a local theater group in Santa Rosa will hold it's 2nd annual fundraiser "IMAGINART, Luck Of The Art Draw" this coming weekend. I have donated this piece to be auctioned off at this event.  http://www.theimaginists.org/  (click on any image to enlarge)


  1. I love your pieces :) unique! Happy Tea Tuesday

  2. These are great! I collect these too. I use them to frame up some of my paintings

  3. These are fabulous. I love them. There is something stunning about their previous functionality becoming art. Penny

  4. I especially love this piece. It is measurably a winner! I wish I had a few of those old yard sticks, rulers, and hem markers. You did a fantastic job with the pieces.

  5. Where do you find such treasures? They are beautiful in their own right with aged appearance but now they have company and look gorgeous!

  6. thank you! Nancy and Jeb . . . I use them to frame too!
    Betsy - it's like "they have had a life, and now they have a new life", right?

    Elizabeth, thank you!

    V V : you know, I was having a 'trepidation' about these pieces, but after reading your comment, I feel better. Thank you!

    PS:I am always always drawn to things that measure . . . yard sticks, rulers, measuring tapes, etc . . . yard sales, flea markets, etc . . . it's an obsession . . .

  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this--I have alot of rulers and yardsticks too---I just like to look at them :)
    My favorite are the the ones that fold up--I use them, but sparingly.
    This is wonderful!

  8. I Rebeca, I'm back. I wanted to answer you about the metal embossing. I actually have a tutorial up on my blog about the metal embossing like this on my tutorial page. I probably should have mentioned this--so actually--thanks for reminding me!! I think on my next blog post I'll link up the tutorial. I don't teach workshops, but someday....

  9. greetings Rebecca :) ahh, i always come and look so much I never leave time to comment! magnificent as always!! wonderful eye you have :)