Monday, April 25, 2011

No. 145 - - - - S.O.O.B.

"No. 145  S.O.O.B."
   This is a sweet piece.  A few years ago, I made this piece for an assemblage show, where myself and 6 other assemblage artists came together to show the diversity and range of our medium.
This piece sold before the show was over, and in the end it went home with it's new owner without having been photographed . . . much to my chagrin. Last night my husband and I were invited to dinner at a friends home, and you can imagine my surprise, when I saw No. 145 in the home of our hosts! I asked permission to take a few of photographs (with my cell phone), and although I am less than pleased with the resulting images, I am delighted to know where it is and to have had the opportunity to take these few photos.
   The cigar box is collaged inside and out with beautiful imagery of flowers, art and text, followed with the juxtaposed and sometimes disturbing 3-D imagery like the bullet shells in the bottom left with small hands reaching skyward. In the center, a white ceramic rabbit is contained inside a sardine can, the 'rays' around the can are stir sticks that once held martini olives collected over the years. A wooden fish appears to be 'swimming through the box', while a tiny ballerina dances on. On the back side, the butterfly-winged young woman reflects about life. (click on any image to enlarge)


  1. How wonderful to find this piece again. I'm enjoying looking closely to see all the features.

  2. Thank you Carol. They become like children, don't they? Just seeing where it now lives made me smile.