Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Circles Squared

"Circles Squared"
   Inspiration for this wall hung piece came from one done by Catherine Nash titled "Circles Can't Be Squared". In it she used a beautiful vintage square as the anchor to her piece, and you can see it here .
   A lid from a wooden box is the frame that contain all the parts:  a vintage metal square, a piece of a vintage level, the cross bar of a table leg, a wooden triangle with an amber marble reminds me of the all-seeing eye. The bottom circles piece came from one of those revolving spice racks. Inside the circles are marbles, coins, dice and a round metal filigree piece found on one of my walks. A piece of glass covers the circles, allowing the pieces to move freely inside. The background is vintage measuring tape.


  1. Rebeca, this is awesome!--I missed it, and thanks so much for Catherine's link--great work she does.
    And I also wanted to thank you for stopping over and wanted to answer your question. I mix alot of water with the acrylic paint--I like it very very watery and then I blot it a little with paper towel which adds more depth to the color.