Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Silver Fish"


9/11/12 UPDATE: This is an art piece I made and posted last year.  
I am re-posting it because I entered it in a show sponsored by SCRAP
They are having their 4th creative re-use exhibition at 
Exhibition will run from December 1, 2012 to January 9, 2013.
Wish us luck!

"Silver Fish"
A wooden fish on a metal stand came into my studio about a year ago, and waited his turn to take center stage. A few weeks ago, my husband and I were in San Francisco for a few days, and I made a point of visiting my favorite store in the city:  SCRAP.  I never know what I’ll find there, the materials in the store change daily, but I always find an abundance of “art materials”. The warehouse is organized by type of material: wood, metal, glass, fabric, paper, images, plastic, natural materials, beads & buttons, arts & crafts, toys, and more.

This day at SCRAP I found a ton of these silver buttons being sold by the cup-full, and I instantly knew they would make a beautiful "fish dress".  I gathered all my other “silvery” bits and bobbles to include coins, bottle caps, milagros, washers, beads, charms and earrings. And I started nailing . . .

About a week later, Silver Fish was finished: be-jeweled and be-dazzled, sitting on his metal perch, ready to celebrate in silvery style. (click on image to enlarge)



  1. Your silver fish is stunning!! I can imagine the fun nailing all those silvery pieces into place!

  2. Stunning is exactly how I would describe this piece too!