Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Liar, Liar


"Liar, Liar"
The book used in this assemblage is a vintage copy (1926) of Charles Darwin's "Origin of the Species".  Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection has become the foundation of modern evolutionary studies.

First published in 1859, "The Origin of Species" provoked outrage from many as it implicitly contradicted the belief in divine creation. Darwin's critics were, and still are, numerous, vocal and very doubtful that observed biological complexity, especially in humans, could have developed simply.  Many of his critics still believe Darwin to be amoral and to have made up all his collected data.

Although Darwin’s theory has been modified over time, it remains fundamental to the study of life sciences. And the controversy still exists today among the Christian mainstream.

Although not readily accepted by the scientific community of his time, since it's publication, Darwin's concept of evolutionary adaptation through natural selection has become central to modern evolutionary theory, with the development of the modern evolutionary synthesis in the 1930s and 1940s. Today it is the unifying concept of the life sciences.

With this piece, my purpose is not to support or reject either argument surrounding the theories of  'divine creation' or 'evolution by natural selection', but rather it is to raise the questions again, about how the human race, as we know it, has come to be.

What do you think?

Mannequin head covered in papers, text, sewing patterns and embellished with clock gears.  A vintage "The Origin of the Species" sits on a wooden stand supported by brass drawer pulls.

July 6, 2013 UPDATE
I moved into a new studio last month, an artist community contained in a wonderful WWII building, originally used as army barracks for troops.  There are about 30 artists who have their studios here, and yesterday we held our 'First Saturday Open Studios' event.

This was the first experience holding an open studio.

Pictured below, is Morgan Ray, she stopped by my studio, and I was thrilled when she decided to take "Liar, Liar" home with her.   Thank you Morgan!


  1. HMM!! Let's see what I think. I'm a scientist and I believe we evolved. Not in the simplistic, slow and steady way Darwin believed, but in sudden starts and stops.

    However, I love the assemblage you created and can't wait to see what other readers believe.

  2. Interesting piece. Still the battle rages over this topic! Have you fixed the mannequin head to the base? I love using dressmaking paper patterns in my art collages. Joan

  3. I think......I like your evolution head:) And for me there can be nothing other than evolution.

  4. Very interesting post Rebeca. Love your work that you have going there. I too believe we elvolved. I do believe there was a man named Jesus who was like us and also Mary. My son always said, "Ma, I have read the bible front to end, and I know in my mind and heart that we really evolved." He didn't believe that angels were in the sky or big animals coming down from the sky. He just felt that we evolved somewhere along the way. I believe we evolved from plant like substances. We took the time to mate with gorillas and here we are. tee hee. A joke for today, lol. Oh by the way my blog is open right now, that's why you got in, but if it was closed, you would have had to sign in. Thank you for accepting my invite. Take care. Wonderful work. Oh, oh, oh-I forgot. I picked up a Nefertiti statue. Can hardly wait to paint it.

  5. I had to come back today and comment again on this post because I'm watching the History Channel and it's all about how we got here. We evolved from the oceans it seems. What an interesting program, I have to get back to it. I was reminded of your post and had to come back.