Thursday, June 6, 2013

Upper West Side

"Upper West Side"
Many years ago, I had the chance to live on the east coast for a few years.  New York City is everything a young career woman would want to experience.  The 'bling", the buzz, the best of everything.

The Upper West Side is a neighborhood in Manhattan, that lies between the Hudson River  and Central Park. Like the Upper East Side, the West Side is an upscale, primarily residential area. Truth be told, many creative types live there, although I have to admit, all of NYC is full of energy and culture and activity.

The Upper West Side has the reputation of being home to the City's cultural, intellectual and artistic  types, while the Upper East Side is traditionally perceived to be home to the more commercial and business types.

This piece is inspired by the "Upper West Side" of New York City.  A memory piece that reflects the 'bling', the buzz, the action and the experience that is NYC.

This mirror, was formally an oak bathroom cabinet door found at my local flea market. The background is black tissue, overlaid with white Unryu tissue papers. The frame is embellished with bits and bling, from here and there, you will need to look close to see it all.

The back is finished with the same papers, and embellished with some favorite quotes . . .   (click the images to enlarge)


  1. Thanks for letting us see your work. I begin to see how finding pieces that call us back to past events and then adding decorative pieces to deepen the meaning can be the deepest art.

  2. les rides disparaissent ... en regardent le cadre! :)))

  3. just incredibly cool...gosh I love what u do :)

  4. I always love your stories behind the adds so much more. One of my life regrets, not complaining mind you, I have had a good life...was to have gone to art school in NYC instead of OK! I love the quote on the back at the bottom!

  5. j'aime tes commentaires en français... c'est bien.. et si c'est faux rectifie moi même! :)))