Thursday, November 14, 2013

Laws of Unintended Consequences

"Laws of Unintended Consequences'

In the social sciences, unintended consequences are outcomes 
that are not the ones intended by a purposeful action.
An interesting concept, wouldn't you say? 
I believe that when most people take an action, they do it with good intentions. Unfortunately, there are factors, often out of our control, that come into play. Sometimes the outcome of our actions are favorable, sometime they are unintended.

This piece speaks to so many of the consequences that are a result of human actions. Work, love, marriage, education, war, health, the environment and the arts . . . sometimes things work out the way we plan other times they do not.
* * *
This piece began as a beautiful wooden box that formally contained a bottle of 30 year old whiskey.
Inside mementos reflected by a mirror in the back of the box include a tuba, a small circuit board, a white heron, a soldier in a test tube, a bride and groom, a 6-pack of beer, a hammer, and a porcelain doll's hand . . . to name a few.
Do you see Mickey's ears?

I find myself working in smaller and smaller formats. Most of the time I love the end result, small formats, however, make it extremely difficult to photograph a finished piece, so here are additional images to reveal the detail.

This piece can be wall hung, or displayed on a table top.


  1. I intended to stop by sooner, but this AEDM is kicking my behind. I should pick something simple (grin).

    I studied this piece before I looked at your description. I wanted to see how similar my take on it was to yours. It's often hard to determine what the artist had in mind when making a certain piece, but this time, I think we were pretty much on track. I thought of life and death when I saw it.

    Yes, I saw the Mickey ears, but didn't see the mask until the detail photo. I want to know where you got that tuba and what size it is. Regardless, it is a beautiful piece that shows how good you are at your art and assemblages.

    1. Thanks E
      the box is 4"x4" by 11", so the tuba is about 3' tall. where did i get it? i think at the flea. and i am not sure what it was originally. a toy? a piece of something else? not sure, but it is in the original shape i found it in, and it is brass, with a silver outer coating. a real deal, just battered and broken, and ready to be thrown away, until i found it.
      ps: you are right about my thoughts on the piece. life and death - all of it.
      thanks again for stopping by.

  2. Love it, Rebeca, it is fascinating!

  3. This is amazing Rebeca, love all the different bits and pieces that represent different parts of life and am always amazed at where you find them all!