Friday, November 22, 2013

"Talk To The Hand" (again)


"Talk To The Hand"
This is one my very early pieces. I thought it deserved a second viewing, not because very few people saw it when it first appeared, or because it happens to be one of my favorite pieces, or because I don't have any new work to show you . . . no, it has nothing to do with any of that.
The real reason "Talk To The Hand"  is being granted an encore appearance  is because my computer crashed yesterday, and I am unable to access any images of my new work. . . . alas! what to do? what to do? 
I feel like I am literally 'talking to my hand' trying to figure out what I will do if everything is lost and cannot be retrieved . . .  
To this plea, my husband's advice was: 'you will start over and next time you will routinely back up all your data.'  
He is right you know, and it's not like I had not been warned, because I had.  

This situation feels so out of my control. It feels disastrous. And yes, I am having a 'pity party', but I will get over it soon enough. I ask again: what to do? what to do? 
I will start over, and I will start by re-posting this piece, one of my early favorites: 

A glass lidded cigar box lined with vintage wooden dominoes and covered on the inside with hand woven cloth from Peru. A porcelain doll's head talking to her hand, seemingly wanting to know the future by any means possible. On the backside is a tattered image of Frieda Kahlo. Above Frieda's head is the word 'sonrisa', and the message is finished in the front using typewriter letters spelling out the word: 'diablo' (smile to the devil). Brass suitcase drawer pull on top for handle, and golden tassel on the side for color. 

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