Thursday, December 19, 2013

Three Fives and a Foot . . .

"Gimme 5"                                       "Hi" 

 "High Five"                                             "Leg Up"
"Three Fives and a Foot"
A few more 'smalls' I made for  the holiday season . . .these 'stocking-stuffers can be paperweights or just something fun to look at while sitting at your desk at work or at home.  They are colorful and fun, and made from strange and wonderful things.  They were a 'kick' to make, and apparently folks really liked them, cause they are all SOLD!

"Gimme 5" The small ceramic clown's hand is mounted on a part of a vintage carpenter's level and 3 metal washers that have been covered in papers, (maps, music and text). On each end are bits of a carpenter's ruler.

"Hi!"  A doll's hand is attached to a small wooden block that is covered in magazine images, text and music and tissue.

"High Five" is a Barbie doll hand mounted on a small wooden platform atop a small rip saw blade, and some found metal washers.

"Leg Up"  is a ceramic Harlequin doll leg mounted on a small wooden block that has been covered in magazine images, music, text and tissue.

All are no more than 2" or 4" wide and tall.


  1. un billet.. pour moi spécialement!!!! merci!

  2. These are wonderful. I have been catching up with Jack, the Angel People, and now hands and foot. Really lovely art. Glad it is selling so well. Makes it all worthwhile, I'm sure.

    In case I don't "see" you before the holiday, have a very Merry Christmas.

  3. I collect hands and love each of your assemblages. I was sad to see the one I wanted was sold.

    I am now following so I won't miss out.