Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Snake Eyes

"Snake Eyes"
 (or Dice Snakes)  According to Wikopedia, a dice snake is "a European nonvenomous snake. The colors vary from greyish green to brown or almost black, with dark spots on the back. The belly is sometimes vividly colored in yellow or orange, with black spots, very similar to dice, hence the name."

Several months ago I came across a wonderful image of vintage dice inside a wooden frame on Pinterest.

I tried to find the source, and I got nowhere. . . but the 'image' itself and the background, reminded me of a blog I follow called La Belle Brocante. I emailed blog's author Alwen Rambo, and asked her if she recognized the piece. She replied saying that it was in fact one of her creations, originally posted on her blog St. Patrick’s Day 2012. Here is the link to her original post:á-fhéile-pádraig.html

Anyway, Alwen's creation was the inspiration. Thanks Alwen!

In my version, I attached 2 identical frames to each other, and in between the glass are 165 dice. My idea was to allow the dice to 'sway freely' between the glass. A surprise for me was the way the dice moved within the frames. They remind me of snakes.

The base was built using a 1"x3" piece of wood covered in vintage book text and overlaid with sewing pattern tissue, and a vintage wooden hotel hanger advertising the "Hotel America" in "Houston, Texas" cut in half to create a snug slot to hold the frame.
The piece, by the way, is meant to be picked up and played with.  It is very fun.


  1. I love it and what made me smile the most? The fact that if I had made it the dice would not have moved in the frame because I would have made it to fit the rows of dice... so mine would have failed to move and yours does in a snake fashion... think that why I love your stuff... that and the fact that you find the coolest things to play with!

    1. well, and you know what's funny?
      there is JUST enough room for one more row of dice . . . but i took it out because they didn't move . . . and when i took them out -THEY MOVED!
      thanks for stopping by!

  2. Goodness. You must have a ton of dice. I've never seen so many in my life (165, even). And I adore the concept behind this one, too. You make the BEST assemblages. Very intriguing and always interesting.

  3. Awesome piece - I love the fact that the dice move inside the frames! It makes me want to make one just so I can play with it!

  4. Awesome and clever work you do. I would never have been able to think of putting all these things together to make beautiful art like you have done. I especially love your mosaic mirror. I made one a couple of years ago and put it in a consignment shop. It sold, but I wish I still had it. Linked here from
    Gloria. :)

    1. hi judie - thank you for your kind comment. stop back again soon.
      i just got a comment/message from gloria, and now i understand . . .

  5. le vieux et le neuf..le blanc et la couleur.. envie de jouer! biz

  6. Hi Rebeca. Hope you are doing well. Today I've got house duties so it won't be much computer time. You asked if I like working with the Ipad and P-53 and yes indeed, I love it. Except I miss "real" paints.:) I love this piece and yes I can see it moving from side to side. Ayeeeeee, snakes!! tee hee. Have a wonderful weekend. Ah, Judie is here. Judie is a great friend. Take care Rebeca.

    1. thanks gloria!
      i got house duties too, but they will have to wait . . . i gotta get to work at my studio.
      say hello to judie for me.

  7. Les dominos sont comme les hommes, ils se tassent en vieillissant !




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