Friday, April 25, 2014

The Small Girls


Sally Blue
"The Small Girls"
Aurora: Known to her friends as the Goddess of the Morning.  She is always bright, hardworking and sometimes intense, but she is always loving.

Lucy: She's a redhead and she is wild.  Nothing more to say about that.

Gwyneth: She possesses a deep inner desire for travel and adventure. She sets her own pace and isn't governed by tradition. She is creative, always drawn to the arts and enjoys life immensely.

Ronda: Always finishes what she starts. She is tolerant and like to help humanity. She is warmhearted and gives freely of her time and energy. She is frank, methodical and believes in the system of law and order.  She is wise, intuitive and reflective.

Wanda: A wanderer by nature. She is excellent at analyzing, understanding and learning.  She is a mystic and a philosopher and tends to be quiet and introspective. Her solitary thoughtfulness may make her seem aloof and sometimes even melancholy.

Sally Blue: Although considered a princess by some, Sally is strong and independent. On first meeting, her shyness can make her appear distant and secretive, but she is actually very anxious to be liked.  Deeply attached to her familial and social values, she likes to make others happy, she cannot bear violence or aggression.

In anticipation for 2 weekends of Art @ The Source Open Studios, (May 31-June1 and June 7-8) I decided to make a few 'smalls'.  This year's batch are called "The Small Girls" - small in stature, big in personality. Fun to make and fun to play with.
"The Girls" will be on exhibit, along with several new pieces. If you are in the area, do stop in!

All smalls are made with scrap wood, layered with tissues and other papers, then embellished with bits of this and that.


  1. Your girls are wonderful Rebeca! I love their descriptions and they seem to fit the description. Have fun at the show, I'm sure they'll go fast. As for the two ladies on my post, si, estan gorditas porque comen mucho. hehehe

    1. thank you gloria! they were so fun to make.

  2. Not sure why your latest post isn't showing up on my blog, but I'm in LOVE. The best recycling I've seen in a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time. You have inspired me to make a few of these myself. Sorry if I'm a copycat, but imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Each of these small girls is perfect and I adore them all.

    I actually stopped by to tell you the PERMANENT collections at WAM are photographable. The traveling ones are not. They are clearly marked and you wear a photo badge if you plan to take photos. No sneaking on my part.

    I suspect, if the O'Keefe exhibit is traveling (or on loan), you will NOT be allowed to take photos. Since my new camera is so large and cumbersome, I couldn't sneak if I wanted to (grin).

    1. thanks E!
      learn something everyday . . they say. i did not know that about permanent shows vs traveling shows . . .

  3. Oh yes, these girls are going to be big hit where ever they find themselves, what fun they are! I'm trying to work out how small they actually are, they appear about 6 inches high? Wanda the Wanderer is me all over!!

  4. These are awesome!!!! Great job!!
    Found you on FunkyJunk.

  5. I'm always fascinated by your assemblages, and these little people brought a big smile to my face!

  6. Darn google is now playing me up too. Trying again you may also get two messages lol. A commode is an indoor potty or toilet, those we had to use long before we had flushing ones indoors. Now you see why I have covered up the wood ;-D Just love these girls so much fun and imagination goes into your work xx