Thursday, August 14, 2014

Rocky Jr.

"Rocky, Jr."
I have a fascination with chickens. When I was a kid, we raised chickens, and one of my daily chores was to go into the chicken coop and collect the eggs. I would go into the coop, always fearful of the rooster.
I remember, we had many 'hens' but only one rooster . . . The roosters were bigger than the hens, more aggressive and often more beautiful.

A few years ago, I embellished a rooster with bling and even gave him a pair of shoes. His name was "Rocky" as well, but because he was much larger, so I have to assume he was "Jr's" dad . . . Anyway, "Rocky" was spectacular. You can read about him and see pictures of him here.

'Rocky, Jr' is a solid wood rooster form, hand carved and painted in bright rooster colors, found at the flea market. 
He stands approximately 12" tall. His wing feathers are 'spinner' lures, and he is embellished with many other bits and bling. Note the small Christ on the cross (minus the cross), the vintage gym locker #33, and the Wells Fargo 'agents' badge . . . .

have a great weekend all!


  1. This is awesome Rebeca. Wow! So many blings as you say. Your rooster looks ready to go. A pair of miniature boxing gloves would have been great since he is Rocky.:) Your work is always top notch, a-one and just the best. Very clever. My Dad had chickens and roosters when I was a kid too. It was a very long time ago. We have chickens now and I think one rooster with lots of other birds as well. It's my husbands hobby. I don't care for it but live and let live.:) Well done and thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I'm trying not to be on too much any more as it takes to much time and life is short.:)

    1. gracias Gloria! always good to hear from you.
      hope all is good with you!

  2. Awesome
    Love this
    Your work is wonderful

  3. c'est un coq français.. un gaulois! cocoricooooo bravooooo!


    1. Elfi! vous avez raison! c'est un poulet français ~

  4. Rocky Jr. is simply adorable. My friend Kathy collects roosters for her kitchen. This one is simply adorable. Everything but the kitchen sink (and a cross) appear to be on this one. Yet another stunning assemblage, dear.