Friday, August 29, 2014

The Magic Within

“The Magic Within”
“Everyone has magic inside them, 
but very few discover it
and learn to spend it wisely.” 
                                                           from the movie, "Mirror, Mirror"

First I must apologize for the photos.  'Mirrors' and 'bling on mirrors' are very difficult to photograph. So I have included a couple of 'close-ups' for you to see some of the detail. 

This piece is one of my favorite 'memory' pieces.  I think mostly because it reminds me of the 2012 Snow White movie starring Julia Roberts, titled "Mirror, Mirror".  The quote above is spoken by the Mirror, in a conversation with the Evil Queen (Julia Roberts)

Wood framed mirror, embellished with bits and bling, creating a finished piece that is indeed magical.


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    1. thanks for stopping by Sue.
      these 'memory' mirrors as i've begun to call them, are quite fun to make.

  2. my bad girl! merveille de baroque! superbe! biz

    1. merci Elfi!
      ma mauvaise fille! pour sûr

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    1. thanks joan!
      i am really lovin' what you are doing too! the mannequin pieces are fabulous, and your newest memory box is terrific!
      keep doing what you are doing . . .

  4. Excellent work. It's very interesting to look at all the embellishments.

    1. thanks Gloria. it is amazing, how much 'stuff' we accumulate, isn't it? (even when we aren't trying).

  5. You do BLING so well. Where did you get that tiny Bacardi bottle?

    As always, I'm impressed by the number of items you find to use on your mirrors. Very impressive art. I love how your mind works.

  6. I just read your question about stencils and masks. A stencil is the piece (made of heavy weight material) you use to pass the paint, spray, ink through. It would also be used to pass materials such as joint compound through. The image, say a "2," would look like a 2 when you remove the stencil. It is the positive image you get on the surface of the substrate.

    A mask, on the other hand, is the negative image. It shields or covers the surface and doesn't allow the paint, spray, etc. through to the substrate. When you remove the mask, the untouched area, or the substrate below shows through and is surrounded by color.

    I hope this explains the difference. Think of it as a stencil creates positive space and a mask creates negative space.

    In my Time entry, the clock was the mask, not allowing the spray through to the substrate. However, to clean the mask, I turned it over and used it as a stencil at the bottom of the the piece and the top where I "stenciled" the hands.

  7. thanks E for stopping by and for the explanation of what 'masks' are . . .
    i always learn something new when i visit your site.

  8. Geniale, eclettica e superlativa!
    Oltre che una idea straordinaria per riutilizzare ciò da cui ci dispiace separarci.
    Saluti e Baci da Roma

  9. Fabulous! I'm sure it took you ages to put all the interesting bits and pieces together. Love how it turned out, so very creative as always. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiraiton Party.