Monday, April 22, 2013

Around the World Alone

(back view)
"Around The World Alone"
An art exhibit in San Francisco a few years ago featured the work of an amazing collage artist. The works were on 20 x 20" canvases, each piece in the series contained anywhere from 10 to 20 small collages created directly on the canvas, creating many small vignettes within each canvas.  The artist used layers of papers and medium and color to create depth and dimension.

Much to my chagrin, and my biggest regret, is that I did not note the name of the artist, for reference or credit. The work was exquisite.

When I got back into the studio from that trip, I wanted to try my hand at making something in this 'vignette' style of work.  However, because I work primarily in 3-D, I also wanted to add 3 dimensional objects.

The first piece I made in this style, was in 2011, and you can see it here.  Last week, I finished this one, my second.

I started with a 'box sign' exactly like this one, found at the flea market. Although I rather liked the "You are the cheese to my macaroni" quote on the back, I was pretty sure  this was not how this piece was going to end up.

The wooden box is 15" x 6". I covered it on the back side and on the inside with bits of tissues, magazine images, maps, and text. Each 2"x2" square block is individually covered with magazine images, vintage sheet music, maps, etc., then embellished with a treasured memento, or a special keepsake. Each one creates a tiny vignette, telling a story of a time spent with friends, a trip to far away places, or a long lost love.

The inspiration behind this piece is the memories and meanings held by the things often thrown away.


  1. Love this, those blocks are like wrapped memories. Very clever piece. Joan

  2. I love your unique style and creativity. This is so interesting and the meaning behind each block makes it extra special.

  3. I like this and also like what MadBird called this work, "wrapped memories." That title suits the work to a "T." Very nice Rebeca. It's you. By the way, we do throw a lot of things away that we could have made these memory blocks. I have to watch what I throw away. Take care. Have a great rest of the week.

  4. I haven't visited your site in a few weeks, since the crosses. As I looked at each piece, I sucked in my breath with an ooooo! I want that. And that. Soon I'll send you the assemblage I'm working on. I'm quite sick of it at this point and am giving us both a rest while I work on some cards and book marks.

  5. dans un mois te donne mes impressions.. voyage,voyage...

  6. This is a great piece. Love the transition from the first piece and to this one. I enjoy seeing process.