Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sign of The Cross . . .

My original intention was to finish 10 crucifixes for this series, but time got away from me, I finished 7.
The first 3 are posted here and here.
     Here are the final 4. Enjoy!

"Patron Saint"
A Patron Saint  is regarded as the advocate in heaven of a person, place or family.  
Patron Spirits is the company that makes the 'ultra-premium tequila'.
   To some, these are one in the same.
   A cross form is embellished with a sun face, arms and legs are made of dinner knife blades and the body is made of 3 wooden blocks covered in papers and the label off a Patron Tequila bottle. (6"x10") 
Tongue in check
"The Life of the Mysterious Mr. B"
"The Life of the Mysterious Mr. B"   A carpenter's level is cut and fashioned into a cross form and embellished with various objects to aid in balancing daily activities.
Carpenter's level, miscellaneous found objects include a vintage bottle opener, a metal "bib and brace" buckle, as well as a clock gear and some bling. (6"x8") Fun and whimsical.
"A Monumental Task"
"A Monumental Task"
Some days, the realities of what is good and what is bad seem overwhelming, don't they? Climate change/global warming, global financial crisis, world hunger, human rights abuses, nuclear weapons, unrest in the middle-East, natural disasters . . . the list goes on and on.
   So much of it is about one's own perspective and attitude.  But so much more of it is beyond anyone's control.  A monumental task, indeed.
   An over-sized hand-made wooden cross, made from the wood from a broken vintage clock box, covered in text from a vintage volume of the old testament, a flea market find. The text is in both Spanish and English, side by side. A smallish-Christ figure appears to be up for the task. (8'x16")
"The Lord of the Skies"

I just read this online:
     Amado Carrillo (1956-1997) became known as "El Señor de Los Cielos" (Lord of the Skies) because of the large fleet of jets he used to transport drugs. He was also known for laundering over $20 million via Columbia to finance his huge fleet of planes. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration described Carrillo as the most powerful drug trafficker of his era.  
   This is not the reason I chose this as the title for this piece. . . In this case: first I found the small metal airplane (a flea market find), then the 2 wooden crosses (from my stash), one slightly smaller than the other, and the title was automatic.         Coincidence?    Perhaps.
   Two small wooden crosses, the slightly larger one is painted burnt orange, smaller one is painted black and covered on the front with yellow reflective safety tape. A toy metal airplane is mounted on top. A tiny "one-way" sign, pointing the other way, is attached at the foot of the cross.  (5"x7")


  1. le 'niveau' du côté gauche...les jambes du saint..le christ trouvé aux puces... belles trouvailles!

  2. Oh so fitting for this month. Yes, I've been cutting out crosses as well and also another blogger buddie is doing the same. :) Love your work, ah but that I could do as good as you. You so inspire me. Thanks.

  3. Very original and its Easter too so right time of year. Joan

  4. These are simply incredible. Being from the "Aircraft capitol of the world," it never dawned on me that this cross would be associated with a drug lord. I think I prefer my concept better (grin). My real favorite, however, is the carpenter's level. That one really spoke to me. Nicely done, all.