Friday, March 7, 2014

Name Game

"Name Game"
A couple of months ago I was invited to be in a show with 3 other assemblage artists.  Each of us were asked to make up our names in an assemblage piece.  This was mine.  

This piece has a couple of pieces that move. The ball in the 'jacks and ball' in the upper left hand side moves freely attached by a nylon thread. Also note the small Mexican-made lady-bug on top of the letter 'I' in Trevino, and it's little head bobbles.

A wooden box lid is collaged using tissues, vintage sheet music, text and magazine images. My name is spelled out in children's alphabet blocks. A clown, a toy Golden Gate Bridge, a hand painted yellow bird, a fish and a green M&M character embellish the piece.

After the show was over, I decided to use this piece on the door to my Obtainium Art Studio.

ps: the photo below is from the show titled "Assemble - Collective Soul" of the 4 artists in the show: Mark Brudzinski, Rebeca Trevino (me), Anne Shaheen, and Stephenie Brudzinski


  1. This is SO you. When I read you are using it for the door on your studio, I thought how cute it would be to use a photo of it as your business card. It certainly represents your awesome art. I sure love it.

  2. quelle belle femme!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ooooh, incorporating motion into a piece is soooo cooool! Love it! An extra dimension.

  4. Great blog you have here Rebeca!

  5. Cute! And great idea to use it on your door.