Wednesday, November 26, 2014

City of Wonder

"City Of Wonder"
What can I say?  I am onto something new, here . .  .

BACKSTORY: A few months ago, when the building where my studio is located was undergoing remodeling, I asked for and was given 3 foot long pieces of scrap 4"x4" wood by Rogelio, the construction supervisor on the site. When he gave them to me, I could tell he was confused as to what I was going to do with this leftover pieces of wood.

A few weeks later, the construction work ended, and Rogelio moved on to another site, and I was not able to show him the finished piece, but you can see it HERE. I titled the first cityscape "Aspires".
I think Rogelio would have been pleased.

All that to say, that I have really enjoyed making these 'city scapes' so much that I am currently working on my 4th in the series.

This one, "City of Wonder" is #2 of the series.

"City of Wonder" is smaller that "Aspires", but just as interesting. Scrap wood, magazine images, including altered images using National Geographic and CitaSolve, and metal embellishments, make the 'city' come alive with activity. (a dangle earring, a crucifix, a wrench and a small hinge are mobile).

The 4 'buildings' are contained in a small wall shelf that has been turned upside down and braced on the back side with a vintage wooden hanger from "Wonder Dry Cleaners" (hence the name)

Here are individual images of each 'building', for a closer look.
                                        (small hinge - lower center)

                                      (wrench)                                                    (dangle earring and small crucifix)
My husband said this one looked like a cathedral, so I added the crucifix.

Is this a city you have traveled to?  Or maybe someday?

Stay tuned.  City Scapes #3 and #4 will soon appear on this site.


  1. mais c'est new york!!!! new york sur étagère :)))) biz

  2. These are stunning. I made some houses last Christmas, but nothing as lovely as yours. They are unbelievable.

  3. Forgot to wish you a happy (and safe) Thanksgiving.

  4. This is mighty impressive Rebeca. Unique and really fascinating.

  5. These speak to me, I am truly impressed.

  6. I wish the construction supervisor could see what you created, he'd be amazed. Love all the bits and pieces you used to create this city scape. Thanks for sharing it at VIParty.