Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Vegas, Baby!

"Vegas, Baby!"
This is the third 'dancing dice' pieces I've made over the past few months, (see here and here). There is something exciting about the sound dice make when they click together. I've been to Las Vegas only a few times, and always on business. 
Although I never got into the gambling madness that Vegas seems to be, there is an excitement to that city that is very much "Vegas".

  All that aside, being the collector that I am, dice are just one of the the many things I collect. 
At one time, I think I had over 1000 dice in a glass jar on the studio shelf. Like marbles, or other game pieces in my collection, I just love the way they look, all together, in separate jars. 

Over the years, the dice collection grew.
This piece started out with 2 identical picture frames. I picked clear 'red' dice for this piece because they are beautiful to look at. I added a few odd colors, to add interest. As I was working on the piece, I realized that most of the dice were from Vegas Casinos (hence the name). 

Originally, the intention was to have this piece 'hang' in a way to let the light shine through. But because the piece is interactive, and meant to be 'played' with, I thought it might be better as a table top piece, so I constructed a stand out of 2 vintage wooden clothes hangers, and a barrel stave. (the hangers are from Pasadena and Barcelona not Vegas - oh well, you can't blame me for trying . . .)

If placed near a window, one can still enjoy the translucency and beauty of the clear dice.
When I worked in the 'corporate' world, I spent most of my day on the phone. I think this would have been fun to have in my office, to play with while waiting or on hold.


  1. un jeu décoratif et déstressant.... mais le rouge énerve...:))))))

  2. I remember the other two pieces, and this is equally fun and truly adorable. As always, I'm impressed with your collections and how you use them.

  3. Another fabulous and unique creation, and I love the stand you made for it out of old hangers. I just might have to start collecting dice, I really like how all the little trinkets look in the old jars.. Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  4. I don't think this piece will be hanging around for long, it has meaning to either the Vegas tourists, the gambler or someone in an office... love the colour and can imagine it would look fabulous in a window with the sun shining through the dice.

  5. This piece is fantastic, Rebecca; I just love the way it looks and the playfulness of it... I'm also rather envious of your game piece collections!